How to enter on Jackpot Pools

The Treble Chance pool is about predicting which football matches, usually played on a Saturday, will end in a score draw (1-1, 2-2 etc.). Points are awarded as follows:

Score draws = 3 points
No-score draws and void matches = 2 points
Home and Away wins = 1 point

The object is to score 24 points using the best 8 results from your selections. Dividends are also paid for 23 and 22 points when there are 8 or more score draws on the coupon. If there are less than 8 score draws then the dividends are lowered accordingly: i.e. if there are only 6 score draws, the top dividend can never be more than 22 points, depending on the number of 0-0s or voids.

When checking a full perm, all you have to do is add up the points scored by your best 8 results: that will be your best line.

When checking a plan, you need a copy of the checking chart. Copies can be obtained by e-mailing us at or calling +44 (0)116 2720605. You will also find the charts of the most popular plans on our sister website – just click on the PLANS link.

The checking chart is a series of columns of crosses, lined up against the matches you have selected to cover plan. Some of the boxes will have a cross in them and some of them will be blank. Each column should have 8 crosses in it unless it is a block perm and these usually have 4 crosses in them. With block perms, each top column is combined with each bottom column to create the sets of eight you need.

To check, take a strip of paper, hold it against the edge of chart and mark down the points value of each of your selections, making sure they line up with the lines of the checking chart, you can then slide the paper along the checking chart noting how your draws line up with the crosses on the chart.

Your best line will be the one where most of your draws match up to the crosses on the chart. Add up the total number of points scored to find out if you are a winner.

If you think you have a top dividend it is best to make a claim by phoning +44 (0)116 2720605 before you open the champagne!

Dividends are available by 09:00 Thursdays here on our site or by phoning +44 (0)116 2166277.